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Please use this form to contact us or you can call us at 740-420-6024 or fax us at 740-571-4219.

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Phone:  740-420-6024
Our office hours are M-F from 9:30am-5pm, ES

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Fax:  740-244-8424

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The ClipLink
A Division of E-Quiver, Inc.
4648 State Route 674
Circleville, OH  43113

If you need us to crossover a clip or fastener, the only way we are able to do it is if you provide us with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) number. 
You can find the OEM number in a few different places.
1)  On the clip itself (if the clip is big enough).
2)  From a local dealership - most common method.
3)  From a catalog or page that list parts for your vehicles.

Finally, while we do ship anywhere within the United States of America, we do NOT ship outside the US.  Sorry.

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