About The ClipLink

About The ClipLink
The ClipLink is a Division of E-Quiver, Inc.  So when you place an order with us your credit card statement/account will say "E-Quiver".

The purpose of The ClipLink is to provide wholesale Automotive (Body Shop) & Industrial Clips & Fasteners from companies like Auveco and others at great prices.  You can even buy them online!  Shipped to anywhere in the United States, you put them away, you save big bucks$$.  No pushy salesreps stopping by, no overstocking, you buy what you want and you save money!

Our address is:
The ClipLink
A Division of E-Quiver, Inc.
4648 State Route 674
Circleville, OH  43113

Phone:  740-420-6024

Why Online?
The fastener world needed a place to get quality products at a reasonable price.  Hey, when the market is tight you've got to save what you can!
Why "The ClipLink?"
We want to be your link to quality clips at great prices.  Why stop there?  Our customer service backs up the quality to help your experience at the ClipLink be great.

What if I like how I buy automotive clips now?
We understand that you may have someone who stops by on a regular basis to provide you with front door service.  Some folks don't mind paying extra to get everything ordered, put away and serviced.  The thing we have learned is some folks either want to save money on a regular basis or may need to save some money on a short term basis.  Either way, we are here to help you.

What if I'm not a body shop?
Not a problem!  We know that our site and product is geared towards body shops but the fact is they are great for many different industries including industrial, manufacturing and more.
What if I'm not a business?
That's fine!  We ship to anyone within the US.

Where is The ClipLink?
Our main office is located in Dowtown Circleville, Oh and shares a home with our brother division, Newt's Games & Puzzles.

Where does The ClipLink ship to?
We ship anywhere within the United States of America.  Sorry, we do NOT ship outside the US.